Eudes Dural: On discipline and responsibilities

Sexual intercourse is an absolute need for mankind. Notwithstanding the ‘pleasure’ it provides, it is significantly important to society as a whole since it is the only way for individuals to reproduce. However, because of this same line or reasoning, sex is sometimes being viewed as something illicit or unlawful.

One of the prevalent issues relating to sexual intercourse is the act of premarital sex. Traditional individuals considers such an act to be unethical because of its negative implications in the long run. On the other hand, liberal individuals see it as a mere sign of affection among couples and does not need to be considered as unethical or illicit. Because of the different perspectives regarding this, premarital sex is considered to be a great issue not only among Filipinos, but to the whole world.

For me, such an action is not the real issue; rather, I believe that it is the lack of discipline and sense of responsibility. Having said this, each and every individual should understand that each and every action will result to another event which may be good or bad depending on his decision. However, one’s role does not end there as whichever path one chooses, may they engage in premarital sex or not, they must assume responsibility of their actions as that is the price of having the freedom to do what one wants.

Eudes Joshan Dural

– BS in Accountancy


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