Ian Enanoza: Thoughts in Motion

One of the most interesting social topics (to me at least) is the concept of premarital sex. That’s why, when the group was still brainstorming on what topic to dwell with for such activity and research, I was really pushing for it. I’m at a point in my life where I have no clear stand on premarital sex. I come from a family and a society where premarital sex is highly discouraged, yet over the course of the past few months my values and opinion of such have been challenged. Thus, it was fitting for me to play the role of the priests/pastor so as to remind myself on why sex, after all, is deemed bestowed only for the married couple.

First, I’d like to reiterate, that sex is actually not considered to be a sin by God and His followers. In fact, sex is said to be a great manifestation of love. But in today’s society wherein sex is merely equated with pleasure and joy, that fact has seemed to be forgotten. Furthermore, most have been unaware of the teaching that sex is actually “sacred” or “holy”. The concept of sex has been so corrupted that there’s nothing “holy” when one thinks of it. Biblically speaking though, it is created by God and He deemed it to be holy. Sex is supposedly designed to be enjoyed by married couples and should be done so within its design. But sadly, most of us are ignorant of that. Even I would like to ignore that belief. There have been times where I’d rather succumb to it than stick to my so-called “conservative” beliefs. I’d rather think that engaging in premarital sex is rather a personal choice, and there’s nothing right or wrong about your choice. We’re already knowledgeable enough to know the pros and cons of doing it. It’s about making a choice, being responsible, and facing any consequences without any regrets. I can keep on rationalizing with myself until I am convinced that hey, there’s really nothing wrong about it. Sex is just like any other act that any people can enjoy when given a chance. But then again, a part of me still acknowledges His commandment and that sex has its intended design. What I hope is that as I go through making the research paper, it’ll enable me somehow to have a clearer stand on whether engaging in premarital sex is acceptable on a personal level or not.


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