Jerome Alvarez: Thoughts and Realizations

Personally, I’m very glad that our group’s talk show revolved around one of the most intriguing and sensitive topics in Philippine society: pre-marital sex. This is the perfect way and avenue to intellectually discuss in class what the topic is all about, the stakeholders involved and how will they be affected, and its pros and cons.

In Philippine culture, we Filipinos tend to set aside the discussions of pre-marital sex because it is socially unaccepted due to our Catholic religion heritage. This creates a knowledge and awareness gap among Filipinos especially those who are poor and marginalized. The group, as a whole, also tried to emphasized that pre-marital sex is one of the major causes of other social issues in society. Pre-marital sex usually leads to unwanted pregnancies, causing overpopulation thus worsening the economic conditions of the country through more number of poor families who are unable to provide for their basic needs. Hence, pre-marital sex plays a role in hampering economic social development.

Pre-marital sex may also leave a drastic impact on the persons involved individually. Since most of the victims of pre-marital sex are the youth, the effects of pre-marital sex decelerate the growth the limit the potential of these individuals. Honestly, the alloted time was insufficient for us to speak our minds and thoughts about the topic. Each person or role has his own perspective upon the issue. It’s nice to hear the points we raised during the talk show. No argument was wrong, for each was heavily supported by personal choice.

We also tried to show the comparison of discussing the issue in a traditional and modern perspective. Traditionalists would prefer the limit of sexual pre-marital encounters, if not abstinence from sex until marriage, while modernists would argue that PMS will help discover human sexuality, and that sex is by means of human nature. There was never an awkward moment during the talkshow. Everybody, including our audience, was mature enough to hear and learn from us. From thereon, I realized that it’s never an easy task to talk about a sensitive social issue such as pre-marital sex before any audience, because it really requires maturity and radicalness.

Tradition should never hinder people from engaging in pre-marital sex if they opt to do so, as long as they know what they are dealing with, and are matured enough to handle the possible repercussions which may arise from these acts. Furthermore, people, especially the women, should not be judged accordingly because of their sexual experiences. The social discrimination is one of the many reasons why people choose to be passive in discussing this sensitive issue.

I learned a lot from this talk show, and I do believe others learned a lot from it as well.

– Jerome D. Alvarez

BS in Accountancy


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