Justine Malate: Breaking the Prejudice


What’s your opinion on premarital sex?

The talk about premarital sex has been around since the concept of marriage was practiced. In a sentimental sense, most people would view the avoidance of premarital sex as a good thing since it’s considered “saving yourself for the one” or “virginity being a gift to your spouse”. This sort of belief is definitely alright but not if it is imposed on other people and is used to discriminate those who chose to believe otherwise.

In the talk, my role was to be the teenager who doesn’t practice premarital sex. In reality, I am a teenager who doesn’t engage in premarital sex but I do not oppose those people who practice otherwise. Women and men should be permitted to decide what’s good or what’s not regarding their bodies. It is not fair that old beliefs should restrain our freedom of choice. However, freedom of choice isn’t the only thing that’s affected when it comes to abstinence. A lot of conservatives would continuously feed the prejudice against those people who engage in sexual activities before marriage. This type of discrimination is completely uncalled for and is a poison to the society. Unfortunately, it’s more of the women who are discriminated when premarital sex comes into the picture.

Women are always seen as pure, clean, beautiful, and ideal but most of all, just a simple property. In the modern sense, women as property isn’t as widely accepted as before but it’s still present in a different form. Patriarchy is all about seeing women as inferior and therefore could be turned into property. The whole chaotic nonsense about virginity was created by competitive men who claimed women through taking their virginity. It’s unfair that a man is praised for having sex with many women even before marriage but if a woman is to do so then she is a whore.

Beliefs about certain practices should be respect but should never be forced to the other people who believes otherwise. Mutual respect for each others rights is what we need today and not a whole debate on who’s right and who’s wrong. In the end, we’re still going to do what we believe individually and there’s nothing embarrassing about following what you think is right for you as long as you don’t hurt other people in the process.

– Justine Rose Anne A. Malate
Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies, Major in
American Studies


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