Walk the Talk

“Sex is not a sin but rather a manifestation of love. It is a gift from God that a man and woman could enjoy. That said, it is intended to done within marriage”

– Priest/Pastor

“I’d like to think that by not practicing premarital sex I’m protecting myself. I’ve had my own bad experience with guys telling how they banged a girl and a whole lot of other stories about pregnancies and getting sick. I’m not a risk taker and I’d rather shy away from premarital sex considering that it has more cons than pros. After all, it’s not all about the sex so I believe my partner should wait until I’m ready.”

– Teenager not engaged in pre-marital sex

“Society should not have a right to judge women who openly enjoy sex. Instead, people, especially women, should have the right to explore their sexuality and should not be discouraged from such. This whole hullabaloo of premarital sex or saving yourself for marriage only pushes patriarchal expectations and definitions of virginity which is not only discriminatory towards women but also is heteronormative which, in turn, erases other forms of relationships and sexualities,”

– Teenager against pre-marital sex

“Sex, whether pre-marital or not, entails lots of health and social repercussions. Lack of knowledge thereof may lead to serious health and eventually psychological concerns such as HIV and AIDS, and lower self-esteem, emotional depression, and the like. Therefore, knowledge and self-awareness is really a must.”

– Physician

“All of us have our own understanding about premarital sex, or even sex in general. We should understand that despite our stand regarding the matter, we must be responsible for what we believe in and in what we do.”

– Host

Our body that we have know is a gift from God, therefore, we should take really good care of it and know it’s value. We only have one body and we should respect it.”

– Traditional Father


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