Bianca Sebollena: Subjective Matter

Gone were the days when boys and girls would be located in the opposite sides of the room and interact by merely establishing eye contacts and waving their fans. It would be such a grievous act to kiss and even hold hands with your partner without entering or prior to the sacrament of marriage. Though Filipinos still believe in saving one’s “purity” before marriage, majority has believed otherwise and it is very evident in the society nowadays. This is why our group chose the topic about premarital sex so that we get to discuss and share our own opinions regarding this matter.

For me, premarital sex is not an issue about being accepted or not in the society but about the repercussions that comes with it. This argument would go on endlessly given that people have different point of views sourcing from their culture, traditions, religion and values. Of course, sex is one of our human needs as it is an expression of affections and a means of reproduction; however, teenagers who want to or who are engaging themselves in premarital sex should be aware of the consequences and prepare themselves for such events. They should use protection not only to prevent unwanted pregnancy that could greatly affect their lives but also to prevent acquiring sexually transmitted diseases. Moreover, I think that it’s okay to engage in such act as long as it is on their own will and not because they were pressured by their own partner or basically their peers. They should know that it’s their choice if they want to do it or not and they always have the option to say no. And though majority of the Filipinos think that this issue is much frowned upon, those who want to or who are having premarital sex should be indifferent to the society’s judgement for this issue is such a subjective matter and the only opinion that should be greatly considered is your own. One should be mature enough to determine what is right and wrong for them and be responsible enough to prevent such unfortunate events to occur.


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