Carlos Magno: The Open-minded Perspective

Everyone in this world has their own hidden sexual desires. Both genders have different ways of satisfying them. Others may just not be open about it. Sexual interest is a part of puberty and is inevitable no matter how much the traditional parents want to control the maturing generation. But truth is, no matter how much people criticize the act of premarital sex, it cannot stop the growing generation to do so because doing the act does not define a person. Open minded people would know that conservatism is just a social norm that is not necessary in order to live a good life.

The opposing of premarital sex originated from religious standpoints. In the Philippine Catholic Church, it is believed that it is awful to engage in sex before marrying someone. The conservative people believe that sex is a sacred act, and must be saved for the person who you will marry. Although I do not oppose that idea, I oppose those who discriminate people who already engaged in the act of premarital sex. Society’s view on sex should be liberal and they should respect those who doesn’t believe the conservative way.

For me, it is okay to have sex before marriage. I wouldn’t look up to those who don’t but I also wouldn’t judge those who have. Sex is a physiological need that should be satisfied. It may be satisfied through masturbation which is very normal in society. But sometimes it is not enough. When two people’s consent to have sex is unanimous, I don’t see a reason why they should not do the act. Let them be and let them know the consequences of their actions. Consequences like STDs, unwanted pregnancies and getting emotionally attached should be known by people. It is okay to have sex before marriage, but the youth must be educated about the possible consequences of the act. The knowledge about contraceptives should be widely shared. Let them make their own choices. Everyone is entitled to choose a side, just respect their decisions.

Carlos Antonio M. Magno

– BS in Marketing Management


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