Benito Lee Jr.: Neutral not so Neutral

Premarital sex is indeed a problem in our society today. People today lack knowledge of its consequences or is probably aware but they just don’t care. The consequences of premarital sex are STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

I’m personally neutral against this issue because for the fact that people think differently, while others may view it as wrong, another would view it just right, and probably some wouldn’t care.

While I stand neutral against this issue – neutral means that I don’t care what people do so long as it is according to their own will – I just wanted to let people know that they should put much value on their body and not give it away like it’s some sort of thing that you give it away to anyone you want to – for this instance it’s about virginity that you’re giving away when you involve in premarital sex –.

I’m also wondering why people involve in this sexual act and doesn’t wait till marriage. Maybe others don’t actually know when’s the right time for it, others are pressured into it, and again some just don’t care.

For those who don’t know when the right time for sex is, it should be after MARRIAGE, according to the bible (if you’re a Christian). For those who’re being pressured/got pressured into it, THINK first before you act/act again or LEAVE if you feel like giving into the pressure.

What if people think of sex as not the usual thing of showing his or her love to their partner but instead the opposite, that NOT having sex till marriage is really the true form of love that one can show to their partner.


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